SISO BUDGET - Project Budget Governance




SISO BUDGET – your budgets governed

When you are in charge of project budgets you need the best available answer to two basic questions:


1. Where are we TODAY?
How much have we spent today? Is the actual spending in balance with the budget (are we over or under)? How much liquidity will we need to finalize the project?


2. Where are we GOING?
Will the remaining budget cover the projected expenses? What are the reasons for the differences between the budget and the actual expenses? How should we plan our liquidity needs for the future of the project?


Customised reporting
With SISO BUDGET you organise and structure these data according your project organisation model. SISO-Reporting is a powerful report generator to create the reports you need in order to dispose of reliable data regarding the actual situation as well to provide you with estmations regarding the end of the project (cost and deadline. Its credibility indicators indicate the reliability of your data as well as the expected tendencies.

Centralised management
The centralised management of all financial information in one single database guarantees traceability and informs in a transparent way the project situation and provides pertinent elements for smart decision making.

Would you like to base your decisions on the best available financial data? Contact us it will be our pleasure to assess with you how SISO BUDGET can help you reach this goal.



For more information please download the brochure SISO BUDGET.