SISO TEAM - Project Team Governance



SISO TEAM - Exploit your collective intelligence

Valorizing and capitalizing the quality of collaboration between partners/collaborators within a project will reduce risks and increase the success of your projects.

With SISO TEAM you will add value to your projects through:


a. pro-active communication

Instead of receiving daily dozens of emails, SISO TEAM presents your messages directly within their context and fosters dialog. The relevance of each message is thereby immediately transparent which will increase significantly the productivity of all users.

b. global information management

ALL relevant project information, independent of their origin can be stored, processed and easily retrieved within SISO TEAM


c. Project organization

SISO TEAM is based on your project organization and controls and structures your business process such as quality manuals; plan management, etc. with simple to use Workflow tools.



Internet & mobility technology

SISO relies all the actors of this project with flexibility and efficiency because of its consequent application of internet and mobility technologies (since 1998!)

With SISO-TEAM you dispose of a platform to design, automate and control essential business processes such as quality manual, management of drawings, etc.

Do you want to increase the productivity within your projects? Contact us it will be our pleasure to assess with you how SISO TEAM can help you reach this goal.


Brochure SISO TEAM

For more information please download the brochure SISO TEAM.