SISO Project Governance Solutions

We are project governance specialists

Growing pressure on costs, time and quality, plus increasing complexity characterize today’s construction projects. In order to reduce the risks created by these conditions, new methods and tools are required.

The project governance solutions of SISO help the stakeholders in construction projects not only to face these new challenges by improving their risk management but also to provide them with solid tools and methods to increase their productivity. This is SISO's contribution to Project Risk Management.

For more than 25 years SISO has offered project governance solutions which are based on three integrated modules:




SISO TEAM - Exploit your collective intelligence

improves significantly communication, information management as well as the organisation of small or bigger project teams which rely on one or more companies/organisations





SISO BUDGET: Your budgets governed.

informs you about the state of your budget, your costs as well as your projected needs of liquidity, based on all the available information



SISO TUNNEL - All-in-one Tunneling 

manages and exploits the specific information and documents related to tunnel construction in order to help you understand what, at which cost and within which delay was built. You will then be able to compare this information with the contract in order to apply a transparent and correct claim management.




SISO connects all project stakeholders with flexibility and efficiency due to a consequent application of internet (starting from 1994) and mobility technologies.


SISO: PMIS explained


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