SISO TUNNEL - Project Tunnel Governance



SISO TUNNEL - Improve the transparency of claimmanagement

SISO TUNNEL was conceived around the service contract. The different modules of the software exploite specific data related to the construction of any underground work.

  • Supervise work progress
    SISO TUNNEL Supervison records productivity and metrics and provides substantial support to project managers in charge of the supervision of the work progress. The graphical and interactif representation provides insight and clarity. read more 
  • Explore geological data
    SISO TUNNEL Geology  allows the registration, interpretation and presentation of all environmental data, as absolute values (composition, structure, physical properties) as well as in relation to the structure itself (geomechanical and hydrological aspects).
  • Monitor and identify deformations
    SISO TUNNEL Monitoring registers and integrates surface and underground measures (nivellation, convergencies, pressure, etc., ) Due to continuous interpretation of measurements it helps identifying and monitoring deformations caused by the geology, as they may occur in underground construction
  • Forecast - Project Finance Controlling
    SISO TUNNEL Forecast provides daily control of costs and delays in your tunneling projects. Based on the theoretical duration of the tunnel works it establishes forecasts related to the end of the project and its final cost. read more
  • Exploit your TBM Data
    SISO TUNNEL TBM provides automatic recording, analysis and interpretation of TBM data according to the AFTES Standard. (like progess in meters and per time, consumption of tools, etc.) This powerful tool allows the processing of this data within the other SISO Modules (no double entry and no data redundancy).
  • Monitor the contractors' performance
    SISO TUNNEL Contractors This module enables the contractors field manager and the resident project representative to have a quick overview and control of the contractors performance. read more
    SISO TUNNEL is based on the fonctionnality of SISO TEAM. These modules are available separatedly or integrated.

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Information Management and Time & Cost Control of Underground Projects

"Information Management and Time & Cost Control of Underground Projects", Lessons learned from the Transalpine Tunnels in Switzerland, presented and published at the Swiss Tunnel Congress, Lucerne (Switzerland), June 22-23, 2005