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SISO TSM - Trafic Safety Management


SISO TSM: improve the security of night shift construction sites

Today, a large majority of road construction projects are renovation projects. The increase in mobility has resulted in all the existing infrastructural networks being saturated which means alternatives are not always available. In order to reduce to a maxumum traffic disturbance, the option of night shift construction side is often chosen. This type of construction sites need a daily set up and dismantle of the roadwork infrastructure as trafic continues during the day.


Organization and planing

When a large scale renovation project is concerned, the organization and planing of such a construction site will become extremely complexe and must face major constraints such as:

1. Collection of information
in order to coordinate all stakeholders

2. Security
free the road every day and garantee the security of its users


Workflow and real time information

SISO TSM is a unique solution which is based on the mobile technology and which allows the project manager:

1. to organize and control
through workflow the security aspects of the road works

2. to dispose of real tim information
regarding the security infrastructure, which allows to anticipate potential problems and to reopen the road in full knowledge of the facts.

SISO TSM is an iPhone app easy to use, a secure internet connection and a SAAS management.



Monitoring System for Safe Traffic Management during Tunnel Renovation Works

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